All Our Drawing Content Is Now Totally Free

Upgrade yourself with more than 1,000 lessons and sketches that are now free to use.

a year ago   •   1 min read

By Sketchar

Many of you’ve asked for it and... we’re thrilled to announce that Sketchar educational library is unlocked for everyone from now on!

Each of our creators gets full access to their coveted drawing content in Courses, Lessons, and Sketches, whether or not they have a PRO account. Our team have recently updated one of the most popular course's sections – Fan Art – so go improve or acquire your artistic skills, being sparked off by your best-loved movie and TV characters, video game and anime heroes. Constant practice is crucial.

Thank you for being a valuable part of the Sketchar community!

P.S. Meanwhile, keep creating your own original art and sell it via NFTs right inside our app.

Open Sketchar on iOS or Android.

Navigate to Creative HubLearn to Draw unit.


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