Mobile and internet markets (the rails on which AR run) are expanding at a rapid rate. Due to this fact there are no doubts that augmented reality will soon change the way of information consumption. Yet, we don’t even realize the impact AR will have on society in the near future. One impacted industry is education. AR with its ability to turn abstract and difficult content into visual models will become the alternative way of integrating theoretical material into a real concept and bring new dimensions to learning and teaching. Learning as we know it will soon be revolutionised.

For the last two centuries, the world has gone through a great expansion in learning. We have observed the evolution from the blackboard to being able to create computer generated in 3D models of anything that is difficult to explain or imagine.

Learning through simulation technologies is strengthening the technical and academic skills of students. Immersive simulations will prepare students for the globally competitive workforce. The main purpose of AR in education is to give experience in the process of problem solving, with the support of technology. AR combines the digital and physical and shows anything that may be hard to visualise in the minds of students and helps them to get a deeper understanding. Some governments are already investing billions of dollars in AR & VR for education. Countries such as France, China, South Korea and the USA are taking the first steps. In these countries AR is recommended as a technology to be used in school courses.

Nowadays most of people have smartphones which provide amazing tools, allowing people to engage easily. AR will add to this by grabbing the attention of students, as well as motivating to study:

  1. Lessons are made interactive.
Interactive gym wall

2. Presentations become eye-catching.

Human anatomy atlas

3. Intellectual curiosity instead of fear is fostered in students.

The main problem when starting drawing is the “fear of white canvas”.

4. Learning materials are less expensive.

SketchAR is a great example of apps for the classroom. Next time we will explain why SketchAR is a great tool for developing drawing skills.

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