Juice of Dionysus


Pixel Artist, Sommelier. Italy

Born in the fertile lands of Italy during the bodacious 80s, Juice of Dionysus quite literally lives and breathes art. His inspiration to create is fueled by his belief in unbreaking family values, love for nature, and love for wine. He relishes Pinot Noir and appreciates the past movements of art, such as - Impressionism. The culture of the 80s and 90s is fundamental to his pixel art, as he draws references from lived experiences, namely, retro video games like Doom, Castlevania, and Super Mario. Albeit, his art is driven by the desire to simplify things, make them available to the world and represent them in a colorful and simple way.

What he loves about Sketchar:

"Sketchar started my artistic activity. I was looking for a tool to create pixel art, driven by the NFT movement that is growing exponentially, and among the various searches, I discovered Sketchar. It was love at first sight! I currently use Sketchar exclusively for my pixel artwork, it is intuitive and simple to use, practical as a smartphone app, and I can create anywhere."



Illustrator. Sharya, Russia

For Savely, an artist hailing from the city of Sharya, drawing and art are tools to express how he perceives the world around him. He is serious about being a professional artist and has enrolled in the Industrial Art Institute but doesn’t shy away from acknowledging that drawing can be a source of entertainment. Savely draws his characters with three eyes to showcase the many different ways one can perceive the world around him and how often, in life, something is hidden in plain sight.

What he loves about Sketchar:

"I really like the AR function. I like that there are rewards."



Illustrator. Norway

Ever since she was little, Maryam always loved to draw. In fact, her whole family is populated by artists! Maryam’s love for drawing was kickstarted by her obsession she had as a child - she loved horses. She would draw them for hours. Maryam is driven by the idea to showcase her work to other people and one day hopes to become a full-time artist.

What she loves about Sketchar:

“It's the best app I've come across. Not only do you draw, but you can learn a lot. I would like to have a bit more choice of colors and brushes, but otherwise incredibly good! Best of all, with Sketchar, unlike other apps, you can show off what you made!”

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