Last time we explained why AR in education is the new black, today we want to discuss how to develop your drawing skills using the app. No doubts, AR will change the experience you learn. Yes, but how?

This is where an easy-peasy art lesson for people who can’t even draw a straight line begins!

Of course, you can start to learn the basics, but it takes time. If you are a beginner and want to learn how to draw without taking lessons that cost money and not always fine-tunes to your style, just read on:

  1. Choose a subject you love and want to draw well (family, lover, home pet, best friend or even donut, etc.)
  2. Use SketchAR to outline an image; it also helps you to learn about proportion
Enjoy the result.

3. Try to observe the effects of light around that object and put that down in a paper. Then try to draw with shading techniques (learn the principles of shading and texture by drawing still life objects)

This is how SketchAR helps students take control of their learning at their own pace and on their own path!

Augmented reality, now a reality.

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