In an age dominated by screens and digital interactions, an innovative tool is leading the renaissance of tactile creativity, blending tradition with technology. Sketchar is carving out a space where children's imagination meets the digital age.

The world witnessed a dramatic shift in 2020 with the pandemic compelling educators to search far and wide for effective e-learning solutions. Amid this global quest, Sketchar emerged not merely as a tool but as an answer to a vital question: How do we effectively engage the digital generation in immersive learning experiences?

Schools from the USA to Australia, Taiwan to the UK, are integrating Sketchar into their curriculums, pioneering an approach that embraces both creative freedom and technological prowess.

Take, for instance, the National Pingbei Senior High School in Taiwan. Through Sketchar, students craft artworks that meld photographs with surrealistic designs, effortlessly merging the digital and the physical. Kuo Jean Tseng, a passionate advocate of digital learning, shared the school's experiences, highlighting the app's multiple uses both inside and outside classroom walls.

"Sketchar is a unique product designed to unlock children's creative potential and engage them in the drawing process with vibrant results." - Kuo Jean Tseng

Kuo Jean Tseng details the process: "In our 2D Art Courses, students gather photographs, utilizing them as a canvas to sketch outlines and subsequently infuse color and design. By harnessing various compositional methods, they combine several photographs to birth surreal masterpieces.

For expansive endeavors, such as land art, the journey begins with a sketch. Yet, with the aid of the app, these foundational drawings evolve into large-scale installations.

The augmented reality feature becomes indispensable in this context, assisting students in plotting patterns or amplifying their intricate artworks. Beyond the confines of the classroom, I consistently introduce Sketchar during academic discussions and events."

The educational scene in Australia is similarly abuzz, with institutions like the Orana Catholic Primary School in Willetton harnessing AR to express the often understated importance of bees in our world.

A conference took place in the southern suburb of Willetton, Australia. Joyful, creative, and productive Year 6 students from four schools enjoyed using AR technology to express their artistic statements on the importance of bees in our world. Read more here.

The Sketchar App at the Kids’ iPad Conference in Australia
40 children at once, rotating through 5 digital technology workshops, 200 children in total creating an infographic on solving a real-world problem with the help of Sketchar.

Evidence is mounting on augmented reality's transformative power in education. Yet, Sketchar stands apart in its mission: not just harnessing technology, but molding it to serve the boundless creativity of the younger generation.

As we step into an era where digital tools will be at the heart of education, innovations like Sketchar provide a hopeful glimpse into a future where technology and creativity coexist, thrive, and inspire.

For educators and curriculum developers interested in exploring the promise of Sketchar, the team welcomes inquiries, a testament to their commitment to reshape the educational landscape.

Team Sketchar

Sketchar: A 6-Year Journey of Artistic Innovation Through Augmented Reality
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