OFFF started in Barcelona in 2000 as an initiative of street artist and designer Héctor Ayuso, but over time it began traveling to other cities around the world. The festival speakers are innovative and international design agencies, art directors, prestigious designers.

This year's event was headlined by the legendary graphic artist Stefan Sagmeister, who made album covers for The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Jay Z, screensavers for HBO, and posters for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. OFFF Moscow 2021 included many performances and workshops with deep reflections on the meaning of design.

On the main stage of the Hlebozavod public urban space, our founder and CEO Andrey Drobitko spoke on the role of immersive technologies in developing the creative abilities of the future person. Andrey shared his 15 years’ professional experience served with insights from 7 million SketchAR users.

When building up an augmented reality product, it’s essential to know real space and its interaction principles, consider human biology and brain function – in that way, there’s a chance to create a native and valuable user experience.

Apart from that, the festival decided to undertake a vital charity project – to support artists with disabilities from the Simple Things inclusive studios in St. Petersburg, Russia.

For the two days, OFFF Moscow 2021 participants were creating collaborative art on a big canvas where anyone could draw thematic pieces using the Sketchar app on HoloLens glasses or their own smartphone. With the help of our AR technology, people saw the image as a digital projection and depicted it on the real surface.

The bottom line is the organizers intend to digitize that artwork and put it up for sale via NFTs. The proceeds will go to set up a private art space where people with mental specificities will be able to create tableware, textiles, ceramic and wooden items, and cook goodies.

Sketchar is always happy to take part in activities that help make creativity accessible to everyone.

That was a super intense and inspiring 48 hours!

By the way, our mastermind is absolutely tireless to constantly perform at significant international events, advocating for the democratization of creativity through technology.

August 14, 2021 – Andrey Drobitko contributed his innovative technology experience to the International Conference of VR & AR Technologies in Creative Industries in St. Petersburg, Russia, which is part of the Creative Ports project developed to foster the internalization of the cultural and creative industries in the Baltic Sea Region.

August 27, 2021 – Andrey Drobitko participated in the dialogue session “Technology in the Creative Education” within Russian Creativity Week – the main event in creative industries in Russia.

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