In late May 2022, Sketchar development team represented by Andrey Drobitko, Alexander Danilin, Mikhail Kopeliovich, and Mikhail Petrushan have been granted a second United States Patent (US 11,307,731 B2) for the invention of a marker-less computer vision system that recognizes and tracks what Sketchar users draw using augmented reality. (The first patent was received last year, you can read about it here)

This computer-implemented platform - allows our users to draw images using augmented reality(AR). It’s a computer vision system that recognizes, detects and tracks what our users draw on Sketchar. The platform essentially analyses tons of data to ensure a smooth drawing experience using augmented reality and guides the app improvement.

An advantage of this invention is an improved system and method that will use a marker-less tracking algorithm (tracker) consisting of initialization, regular tracking, and reinitialization procedures.

Another advantage of the present invention is to provide the improved mobile application that is a fully-fledged tool for teaching drawing using augmented reality, machine learning, and neural networks, wherein the mobile application is available on iOS, Android, and MS HoloLens, whereby the mobile application puts virtual images on paper to let the user trace drawings from the phone using the augmented reality.

Still another advantage of the present invention is to provide an improved mobile application that uses technology based on computer vision that allows the user to scan the environment and fix the virtual image over a real surface.

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