The annual survey, compiled by one of the leading consulting firms in the world, Gartner (formerly Gartner Group), included Sketchar in a list next to tech-giants like Google and Amazon.

The survey is a detailed list compiled of 102 leading IT companies with skills in computer vision (CV) tools and services. This survey is not public and can only be accessed by Gartner's clients. If you are a client, check the list here: Tool: Vendor Identification for Computer Vision Tools and Services

This is the second time Sketchar made it on the Gartner's survey of the world’s leading computer vision companies.

Gartner's Hype Cycle 2022

Gartner - a consulting firm for IT leaders, uses Gartner's magic quadrants and hype cycle as their two main data visualization and analysis tools.

While Gartner Magic Quadrants is a research methodology and visualization tool used to evaluate the progress of companies in a technology based market. The so-called Hype Cycle is a graphical representation used and branded by Gartner to represent maturity, adoption, and social application of specific technologies.

Gartner identifies three emerging technology trends and names immersive technology experience expansion at the top. These immersive experience technologies are metaverse, NFTs, super apps and Web3.

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