The Sketchar team, in collaboration with the artist, researcher, and tattooist Herman IX, continues to explore immersive technologies as a tool to expand the creative horizons of individuals.

Introducing a research film – The Circle, in which Herman IX reimagines the traditional approach to tattooing by creating a tattoo using augmented reality technology.

What makes this research film unique?

This film is a groundbreaking exploration in which a tattoo is applied to the body, and a virtual sketch is used as a stencil on the skin of a female model, which the artist sees in real-time through mixed-reality glasses.

How does it work?

The sketch is loaded into the glasses and projected onto the body. The tattooist sees the finished sketch and then traces it directly onto the skin. Computer vision technology is used to recognize the body's position and skin tones for accurate positioning of the virtual design.

What is the uniqueness of the tattooing process using augmented reality?

The body's shapes, skin elasticity, and the model's constant movement have long posed challenges to the tattooing process. Herman IX devised a solution where imperfections in the lines added to the aesthetic of the final artwork.

What insights can be gained from watching the film?

The most remarkable observation, besides the captivating visuals, is the perception of the process by the viewer's mind. Especially when the virtual sketch "melds into the body," the sensation gained from the process takes on a profound meaning. Such imperfections provide a deeper understanding not only of augmented reality technology but also the opportunity to peer beyond the boundaries of familiar forms and sensations.


Herman IX – an artist and tattooist renowned not only for his works and participation in exhibitions and tattoo conventions worldwide but also for his studies of tattoo history and research into the pain associated with tattooing. This comprehensive approach makes Herman IX a significant figure not only in the world of tattooing but also in the scientific field that unveils new facets of the cultural and social phenomenon of tattooing.

The Sketchar app is the first application for teaching drawing using augmented reality, with over 11 million downloads. For over 7 years, the Sketchar team has been exploring the development of creative abilities through immersive technologies. One of the company's key solutions, in addition to AR drawing, is the patented system for assessing creative skills and providing a development plan based on user skills and interests – Sketchar Sense.


Software – Sketchar 
Artist – Herman Devyashin
Directed by Evgeniy Bakirov
Produced by Michael Novitskiy
Model Iana Andriukhina

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