Amateur creator. Boerne, USA

Bettina studied architecture in college and has a liberal arts degree. Among her creative pursuits, there are painting, making flowers from wire and beads, and photographing bugs. Bettina’s style, when it comes to art, is monochromatic. The girl says that happiness and mainly sadness feed her creativity. In anger or anxiety, she can’t create enjoyably. Sketchar helps her express what she’s currently experiencing.


Graffiti artist. Moscow, Russia

In his creative process, Zmogk explores the world around him and analyzes his experiences, the impact of emotions he felt at different times. The artist’s pieces reflect the search for a balance between the intuitive, subconscious, radically free initial stage of working on a canvas and the clear, orderly, and rational stage of bringing it to completion. By combining these seemingly opposing approaches, Zmogk creates geometric compositions, which at first glance look chaotic, built with color and lines referring to cubism, expressionism, and fauvism. These compositions are narrative experiments with frequent incorporations of recognizable images: faces, landscapes, etc., through which the author tries to transmit his positive energy.

Alena Fadeeva

Abstract artist. Vladimir, Russia

Alena Fadeeva is a self-taught artist with a specialty in abstract painting. All her works go through a process of meditation and intuition, inspired by nature, music, travel, and street art, as well as emotions, feelings, and impressions. In her paintings, Alena especially uses acrylic, but she also enjoys experimenting with other mediums and tools, inventing her own techniques to create fascinating effects. Each artwork is a new adventure for her.

Sasha Blot

Street artist. St. Petersburg, Russia

On the street and canvas, Blot creates portraits of his own characters in the form of surreal illustrations. The imagery of his art is based on symbols and visual allegories. This is the way in which the artist turns to philosophical subjects and timeless issues, revealing his attitude to such concepts as inner freedom and individuality, loneliness and life among other people, the search for his own path.

Vadim Mezzo

Street fine artist. Kemerovo, Russia

Mezzo experiments with styles and techniques, combining realistic and abstract forms. On the graffiti scene, he’s known as a comic/cartoonish graphic styler. In addition to street art, he creates digital illustrations and prints and also paints on canvas in mixed media.

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