The key milestone in the first stage of our pixel art contest is your 1,673 unique Martians. At the outset, we wish to thank everyone who was active. We’re happy that you gave free rein to your creativity and came up with many uncommon and bold painting solutions.

Now, we’re going evenly allocate the overall prize fund of $35,000 among the 888 best artworks ($40 in USDC for each selected Martian). The selection is based on recognition of the Martian image and its originality. One author can have an unlimited number of winning entries. Currently, the winning pictures are only available in the Martians888 art contest collection in our in-app feed.

Creator, to collect the reward, please get your crypto wallet (MetaMask, Coinbase, Exodus, or their analogues) attached to your Sketchar profile.

But there's more to come.

What's neat is that this is only a fraction of the remuneration for the authors. By December 20, 2021, our team will have formed some of the selected Martian artworks into a pre-sale drop of our first NFT collection and post them on our upcoming marketplace, thus enabling the Sketchar community to make money by selling their digital art.

Sketchar started in 2017 as a revolutionary AR drawing app and is now building on the Web3 monetization infrastructure to support creators in a whole new way.

We honestly believe our community is destined for great things. Keep track of updates!

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