Today, we reveal one of the top news from this year’s end: Stefan Heinrich Henriquez, co-founder and CEO of, a social music-making application, joins the Sketchar crew as a business adviser and angel investor.  He will help to intensify our global growth and creator community development by sharing over a decade of experience in technology, entertainment, and communications.

Previously, Heinrich Henriquez acted as the Chief Marketing Officer for Cameo and Head of Global Marketing for TikTok (led TikTok's rebranding from In addition, he spent a few years in executive positions at Google and YouTube with responsibility for several product launches, including the YouTube Premium subscription.

Stefan Heinrich Henriquez:

I loved drawing as a child, just like I do today when sketching app designs. So I was super excited to see a product come to life that I personally would have wanted as a teenager back then, as well as now, to spend more time being creative.
I’m thrilled to help shape Sketchar’s product, its growth and community, through the learnings that I’ve gathered by helping people make videos with YouTube,, and TikTok. I believe in embracing how AI can assist creativity, not replace it. And I’m passionate about empowering fans to connect with their communities through art and to enable new forms of creativity. Moreover, I don’t believe that tools or communities can be built in the same way they have been over the last decade – giving creators ownership of their creations and helping them be successful and independent is at the core of how social media works in Web3, and the Sketchar team has been taking actions early to be on a Web3 path.
Plus, as a European in California, I’m happy to support more European founders in joining the local ecosystem.

Sketchar is continuing to pursue its ambitious plan to build out a first-rate product at the interface of art and technology, striving to be at the heart of change. So we choose to surround ourselves with people who are the best minds in their fields because we agree that our team has things to learn. We are truly committed to accepting advice and acquiring a range of new skills to accelerate the creative success of our users and, as a result, the progress of our business.

It’s just starting to take off!

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