Artem Over

Artist and illustrator. Moscow, Russia

Artem Over creates in the digital space, as well as on walls, canvases, and paper. He depicts mainly his own original characters, trying to integrate the themes from his real life into the art stories: graffiti, hanging out with friends, fun and discipline, popular culture imagery, Chinese tea and Asian motifs.

The artist labels his artwork with the slogan “It's over Again”. His growing-up experience and endeavor at self-improvement have had a direct effect on Artem’s approaches to life and creativity, so now he is convinced that the end is always the beginning of something new.

Vadim Sloof

Illustrator and wannabe artist. Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Vadim Sloof started in the early 2000s as a graffiti writer, specializing in character art. His visual language was formed based on the use of aerosols and rollers and transferred these materials and their imitation to canvases.

In his works, Vadim focuses on the figurative, where he gives more weight to the behavior and nature of the line than to the general picture form. He counts among his influences Egon Schiele, Anthony Lister, Aitor Troop, hardcore continuum, and casual culture of the 80s.

Daniel Yulich

Artist and illustrator. Nizhny Novgorod / St. Petersburg, Russia

With his artwork, Daniel Yulich speaks vividly about current issues, triggering people's emotions and making them think. According to the artist, everyone can explain his art in their own way – everything will be true. For some, there is importance in external beauty – images, techniques, colors. For others – in internal one – meanings. But Daniel believes that beauty is in synergies.

Anton Sakvo

Multidisciplinary artist focused on conceptual graffiti-writing and tattooing. Moscow, Russia / Berlin, Germany

When trying to describe his style, Anton Sakvo says he’s creating funny minimalist characters filled with interline meanings, sarcastic messages, and jokes. And he does it all in different art media not to get bored of the instrument.

The Sketchar team includes highly creative and talented artists who are also worthy of everyone’s attention and support. Meet one of them.

Ira Paisley

Illustrator. Chelyabinsk, Russia

Ira is a part of Sketchar for over 3 years. She is engaged in creating content for the School section, as well as in training neural networks. When Ira take time out to draw for herself, she treats this process as meditation – so often defines her art subject, material, and technique to suit her mood. As a result, it may turn out both a "well-coiffed", neat digital picture and a quick mischievous sketch made with crayons.

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