Sketchar, along with its creative community of diverse artists, continues to take energetic steps towards to enable the creator-based economy to reach its full potential. Now, a collection of unique artwork made exclusively on Sketchar art app approaches its full drop.

What makes this pixel art collection special?

Artists from around the world drew their own distinctive pixelated characters. Initially, there were 2,500 original Martians, and after careful consideration, the top 888 were selected and converted into NFTs.

Each Martian artwork is unique and created using the Sketchar drawing app as part of a thematic art contest launched jointly with Mars4, a virtual Mars metaverse.

Now that’s real magic!

Some of the holder’s benefits include:

  • 20% off on land in Mars4 virtual Mars Metaverse.
  • Early Access to fresh NFT drops and collections from the Sketchar community.

All the Martian owners will receive an invitation to a private Discord channel! If you own an NFT from the “Martian888” collection, simply join our Discord with your wallet, and you’ll immediately get access to our private chat.

We suggest keeping your art as long as possible! With the purchase of a Martian, you unlock an exclusive club membership — as well as additional benefits the longer you hold them.

Additionally, we encourage you to follow important news about this release through our Discord channels (via our special chat #Martians888) as well as our socials, like Twitter and Instagram, where we’ve prepared interactive posts, secret airdrops and collaborations with our partners.

The endless creativity that our community exudes awaits you...
Become a part of a creative and open market community where emerging digital artists hone their craft efficiently and receive the support they deserve!

Mark the date and stay creative!

Sketchar users will be able to mint and list their artworks for sale following the release of the full version of the marketplace – in the second quarter of 2022. The marketplace development roadmap is structured on its website homepage.

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