SketchAR is an application through which the user sees a virtual image on the surface of which they are planning to trace a sketch. In one hand, the user holds a phone and sees a virtual image, while the other hand traces virtual lines already on the paper.

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SketchAR is useful to all those who have always wanted, but could not draw. Also, the app is helpful for professional artists, as a simple and convenient way to trace sketches to a desired surface (eg, canvas)


The application uses technology based on computer vision that allows you to scan the environment and fix the virtual image over a real surface.


In the future, all virtual drawings will be displayed directly in glasses / lenses. Step by step training will take place through the use of neural networks and machine learning.

We will port here some stories and interesting facts about the process of developing SketchAR, augmented reality, etc.

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  • Andrey Drobitko, founder and CEO at SketchAR
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