The 12th November SketchAR played a part as an expert and speaker at the one-day conference dedicated to AI technologies, took place in Guangdong Province in a new location of Dongguan: The Cloud Park. The Summit is promoted by Chinese government and hosted by, the largest association of the Chinese companies in immersive technologies and AI, and operated by Ginwa Technologies.

The most significant technology companies are investing large amounts of capital in this growing market, so there’s no doubt that AI is going to change many fields of everyone’s life, from education to medical science, from tourism to manufacturing, from entertainment to art and design — this is the background to the China-Europe AI Summit 2018.

The China-Europe Artificial Intelligence Summit 2018 in Dongguan

Among the vast number of speakers, Andrey Drobitko, Founder and CEO of SketchAR, went on stage to describe how technology can improve professional skills level, from the artificial intelligence perspective, and a company is actively working to bring people in the future through Augmented Reality.

Also, other internationally acclaimed speakers attending the event were Mauro Rubin, CEO of JoinPad, and Lorenzo Cappannari, CEO of Another Reality.

SketchAR is a fully-fledged tool for teaching drawing using augmented reality, machine learning, and neural networks.


SketchAR team.

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