HDC 2019 is an outstanding three day conference from 9th-11th of August in Dongguan City, China, where Huawei shows their vision and products roadmap. One of the main themes was a presentation of Huawei Harmony OS, a microkernel-based distributed OS for all platforms, including mobile phones, wearables, laptops, and televisions.

On the first day a Keynote was held at Dongguan Basketball Arena with almost 5000 developers present.

Previously: We announced our partnership in Nov 2018 in Rome at HCE 2018.

It was a big honor to be featured on the main stage of Huawei Developer Conference 2019 with a video about SketchAR. We are very proud when companies like Huawei understand our philosophy and vision about art and tech, as a perfect combination for the future.

The whole conference was separated into thematic sections such as AR/VR, EMUI, Wallet, etc.
One more thing we would like to mention is the place where the event was held — Huawei Songshan Lake Campus. We were pretty impressed. It’s real Europe 100% but it was build in only 3–4 years.

Learn more about cooperation between SketchAR and Huawei in 2018:
A cooperative booth at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.
SketchAR-drawing area at Huawei eco-Connect in Rome. An announsment of partnership between SketchAR and Huawei.


SketchAR team.

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